Cara Goes Again

Big Girl, Small World

Who I Am

I was born and raised in a suburban area about an hour outside of Los Angeles in sunny Southern California.

Socioeconomically, I'd say I grew up in a middle-class family. Where I lived was bordered on one side by folks with less money who lived in multi-family homes. On the other side, multi-million dollar beach homes. My peers lived in both places. My closest neighbors were elderly couples with dog(s).

Where I was raised, Spanish is almost as prominent as English. As a result, I may not speak Spanish but I understand a ton of it and my pronunciation is pretty good for a gringa.

I'm a big girl. Fuller figured, plus sized, fat, big, a giantess, and ultimately 6 feet (182.25cm) of traveling strength. My body image was shaped largely by women's magazines at a young age and redefined by body positivity in recent years. 

I am cautious about "getting political" on this blog since that is not its purpose. However, I'm a college-educated millennial and don't believe that being apolitical is an option even when you try. That said, I am a white woman of more privilege than most of the people on this planet. 

Some of the results of my identity that shape and define my experiences include:
being a white woman from the United States
speaking English as my native language
my family's ability to provide emotional and financial stability in my formative years
being a very tall and somewhat large woman
appearing to be straight
having a few tattoos that are sometimes visible
Some of the things I strive for are gratitude and appreciation, knowledge and continued learning, learning to be positive even when I'm cranky, seeing the world, and having a positive impact on those I interact with.